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College Rules uses the simple rules that all horny coed females need to filmed and shown to thousands of fans who enjoy. They also use the formula that when you get to have freedom and young adults in the same place, things get interesting. You get orgies, sex parties, drunken sex, freaky sexual games, and crazy behavior. These are all things you will see inside this place. It is easy to see how easily people who look for horny coed porn can find this place intoxicating. This is because they only produce this kind of content and they keep uploading. Having a growing catalogue of material is a good thing that they continue to provide.


They provide the horny girls and boys here freedom to upload all the drunk sex orgies they want, solo, lesbian, threesomes, and hardcore niches. If you just to happen to randomly run into this membership pass, you are going to rejoice for sure. The fun starts with you being able to get high definition videos, and they also have mid resolution movies. As the coeds do their thing, since they have lower inhibitions levels than you, then you get to relive such niceness of open raw hardcore. There are amateur videos and amateur coeds here, lots of them in fact. The movies allow you to do your thing, be it downloading the HD movies or streaming them.

The fun and interesting things these guys do also include games and mischief action that shows you the youngness of the babes. Even when the games seem bizarre, or that they might hurt someone, they end up being fun and sex so no need to worry. There is a prize that the submitter here are battling to win and that makes them go faster and wilder on screen. It is amazing to see the amateur high quality scenes updated nowadays, not very usual when it comes to amateur submitted content. Anyway, even if the coeds here do not get to be MBA grandaunts, there is a career open for them for sure!

The website is relatively easy to understand and navigate. The template format gives you. They give you information and links to the menu. You will get the pic galleries, which consist of a cross between cap vids and digital images. They may improve on the quality of the images, but the 1080p HD videos look great. Like other websites, you will find they do have advertisements here and there, this is a common annoyance on many websites, but it is not so bad. You will find the common search options – keywords, links, tags, etc. The scenes come rated and members can have scenes added to their favorite list.

What people want from College Rules is more output of their movies for people are eating up the coed hardcore movies they have. The website is worth joining for the content according to many critics, so have a look today!