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Fake Agent is a porn site that uses what artists call dramatic irony in its makings of movies. This sort of gimmick is characterized by a certain layer of lies and deceit that is used on the actors\performers that you are plainly made aware of, but the actors aren’t. In this case, it involves porn and sex. The females are auditioning for modeling positions but they are not aware of the fakeness of these positions. The agent is playing the role of misleading these models into lust filled romps that he films. The constant promise is that they will get new roles, new careers, new path to fame – they only have to fuck the agent!


The basic allure of the carrot (modeling jobs) verses the stick (the amateur sex) is a concept that has been around the porn genre for a long time. This website doesn’t claim to be originators of this style of interview sex. They found this gambit in place, and like all good directors do, they have improved on it. Improvements include more authenticity of the interviews and casting of amateur models. The interviewer uses the mysterious fake director approach in convincing the girls to do certain things. The acclaimed director needs to see how the lady handles sex, nudity, how she sucks, and looks on camera in order to find the right role that will define here new career.

The girls gobble up this story with each word that the interview agent spits from his mouth. It’s fascinating to see how they get convinced, the anxiety, and eventually the hardcore bliss of sex. The camera is always recording, the interview, the disrobing, the sex, always recording. The thing is that as the sex is going on, you will see the ladies losing their body fully into enjoying the dick. The agent knows that at first, they will be hesitant, but as it gets wetter and sweeter, well things will get very interesting! And they always do. That’s part of the seduction that these videos hold.

There is mix of finishing moves that the ladies get to enjoy. Some have facials, some get creampies, there is blowjobs, various sex styles, and the casting of the amateurs is good. This means that the girls are with all the features to turn you on from the small to the more rounded. A quick word about the quality then. They make HD films that are in pov angles.

There is mobile version formats, and standard 720p resolution too. The streaming videos are smaller in resolution quality than downloads. No pictures, common for this sort of trickster porn niche. The females are believable in their positions inside this website. Fake Agent, to join or not!