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At the front of the pack, where only seven or eight big studios play for the number one position, you can bet that is right there competing with the best. Since the seventies and eighties, this studio has always felt it’s their duty to be among the best production artist when it comes to hardcore pornography. Like always, there are people who know them from 1999, and those who are discovering them just now! But don’t think that 1999 is when everything started; it was much earlier than that.


This is back when they were making DVD, magazine material, and selling other merchandise in the adult entertainment market. No single fan can question the pedigree of this company, long and experienced career; now let’s look at the online official stuff here. There is something like forty websites listed across the board associated with this studio. This giant organization brings forth more than 11500 scenes and that is just the beginning of things. Latest updates come to you in unlimited access so that you can enjoy. They are the first previews that show you anything from anal, DP, parodies, squirting, masturbation, pornstars, teens, milfs, etc.

The films come in series formats that can number from 1 to 10, and there are other ways of navigation. Random viewing all the collection as it comes, or starting with the menu (videos, photos, pornstars, mags, all sites, search), or other tools. Categories look motivating because you get bountiful stuff. Since you can jump to models, track back the scenes, or peruse through the websites meticulously, you will be enjoying yourself. On your right and left, you are surrounded by working features. This makes damn sure you have more than 10 ways of finding what you need, which is perfect.

They have videos that come in formats of 1080p, files that are as big as 1 GB or bigger. These videos and the ones with 720p HD res look to be the most recent additions that they love to say are the best. When a studio is as ancient as this one, you can bet there will be vintage porn resolution videos; DVD quality, SD, and stuff in 240p and 480p. Anyway, the vintage stuff isn’t that bad if looked at from the angle of porn research so that you can see how mighty this studio has improved. But forget about that, think about the over 3800 babes and pornstars inside this place.

Think about the thousands of pictures, the magazines, news feed, extras, store, calendar, articles, professional structured movies and loads of other stuff with you membership here! In a week, they update fourteen videos, image galleries and pornstars, and heck they may even add more channels and websites in time! is growing ever there’s no debating that! You have to visit them and see for yourself the expanded universe that they have for hardcore porn fans!