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Sometimes, you just wish that things were different. You find it hard to reconcile why someone like you who has been good is denied the happiness you deserve whereas some person who has not given his all appears to fully enjoy those things that you can only desire. It comes to a point in time when you start not giving a fuck about all of the conventions and remove all of your reservations. Little by little you come to realize you are finally becoming the motherfucker you never knew — getting laid with women out of random situations and finally being able to satisfy your urges without the emotional drama. This is something they love to keenly show you at Mofos Network.


You can always look for someone to blame. Most of the time, you end up blaming yourself. And in many instances, you’d think that the world is unfair or that God does not exist. Or you could just suck everything up and then move forward with the life that you have because sooner or later, once you have reached that certain level of maturity, you will become a motherfucker, in every way possible. The guys in this porn site, you should take inspiration from them. They just go to clubs, woo women and then fuck them with passion in the nearest motels and sometimes even just quick fixes inside the bathroom. Before leaving the bar, each guy has already gotten laid five times to to three different women. Now that’s a total bad ass and the beautiful thing is that you’re finally affording yourself with this kind of privilege through the magical site’s database.

For the meantime, get yourself hooked into the mystical database of the Mofos Network. A full range of videos, going from kinky girlfriends all the way to ONS bar babes. Most of the videos, the 2,500 plus videos of the site will lay you a first-person POV kind of perspective, giving you the vivid lens into fucking a classy chica during a hot night. 20 to 50 minutes for each video, all bundled with photo galleries for your voyeuristic explorations. Choose the videos per model and the fact that you can filter your search by genre or whatnot makes it a fully interactive porno resource.

Maybe, God exists, or maybe, He does not. But one thing is sure, there are bad people and to lose faith in yourself is far worse than the ill intent of your adversaries. But the real adversary as the videos of this site will tell you, is yourself. So go out there like the guys in the Mofos Network, be the motherfucker.